Welcome to SpotMe

In a nutshell

We provide an easy and effective way to leave a digital route card with somebody which can be changed and adapted as the day goes on (and you find signal while out).
We take away the need for human monitoring and prior agreements for every journey as most of the work is done by a computer.
We allow you to enjoy the full freedom of the outdoors, safe in the knowledge that somebody is keeping an eye out for you.

What do we do?

Every year we hear of searches being sparked in the hills, on the water and indeed all over the country because people are late and overdue. While most of these cases are closed before any boots are put on the ground it can be a distressing time for loved ones, friends and family. As outdoor lovers we enjoy the solitude of the countryside with its peaks, cliffs, streams, lakes, coast, skies, tracks and paths every day.

Hand on heart - do you tell someone where you are going and when you'll be back?

We wanted to make it easier to leave your details with somebody and have your journey monitored without the need for GPS, constant signal and indeed telling a person where you are. In fact - if nothing goes wrong and you stay on time the only ones to know where you have been are Marvin - our trusty server, you and your friends down the pub when you tell the story.

It is our intention to provide this service free of charge at a basic level, with potential premium accounts being made available to cover the cost of running the system. We are investigating various options for this including collaborations, charity status and crowd funding.

Get involved

We are currently looking for individuals who frequently venture outdoors in all manner of activities to test-drive the system and provide us with feedback.

If you are interested please get in touch via email at hi@spotme.org.uk and provide us with your name and activities you undertake. We will then provide you with a login and instructions.

How does it work?

We work on a concept of journeys. Every time you head out you go on a journey and can choose to have this monitored by our system. All you need to do is text our servers or send them an email. For example Start Going for a run around the seafront back at 2.30pm will start a journey on the fly with the information you have provided. Similarly Start dailyrun Seafront route starts a journey you have predefined in your account and saved as "dailyrun" while adding some more context. Both will hold time information and base the expected return time on this. If no time information is available the sunset time for the current day is used as default.

While en-route you can update the details on your journey at any time by sending a message to the servers. The information is simply added to the existing journey info and any times are extracted and handled if sensible to do so your expected time of return is adjusted.

Once you have returned and are back safe and sound all you need to do is send Safe to our system. This closes off the journey and archives it.

Using emergency contacts you provide we start waking them up once you are overdue and haven't got in touch with us. They can then decide what to do with the information we hold about your journey. In future we may take this decision out of their hands if you are greatly overdue or other circumstances dictate we should. We will be working closely with the emergency services to find a suitable solution for this.